Edward Kosior

Position: Managing Director

Qualifications: B App. Sci. (App. Chem.) M. Eng. Sci, Dip. Ed, FSPE, MCIWM

Business Expertise: Polymer Engineering and Recycling, Innovation and Business development

Email: edkosior@nextek.org

Edward has over 37 years’ experience in plastics and rubber he has worked globally with many government and commercial organisations. His expertise is based on 23years as an academic and 14 years working with the recycling of plastics packaging including the design of many modern plants and achieving patented recycling breakthroughs. He is a regular speaker at international conferences presenting the latest developments and commercial opportunities arising from new technologies

Edward was previously the Associate Professor of Polymer Engineering and Director of the Polymer Technology Centre at RMIT University, Australia, until 1997. He then joined Visy Industries where he was involved from the planning stage of Australia’s foremost post-consumer plastics recycling plant. He has developed novel processes and designed plants for recycling post-consumer PET, HDPE, PP and LDPE bags in Europe and gained approval from the U.S. FDA for several processes used in food contact applications.

He established Nextek Ltd in 2004 to provide consultancy services to assist the development strategic approaches to sustainable packaging, waste reduction and minimal life cycle impact. He is involved with many industry associations, universities, and research organisations and is a Fellow of the Society of Plastics Engineering. He also provides support to organisations such as the Earth Champions Foundation, Plastics Oceans, Project Kaisei and Plastics Marine Litter Advisory Board.


Manoj Pant

Position: Executive Director

Qualifications: MBA (operation), Graduate in Electrical

Business Expertise: Manufacturing, plastic moulding and business development.

Email: manojpant@nextek.org

Manoj has over 32 year experience in manufacturing, working with multinational companies in automobile, electronics and consumer durables sectors, including QH Telbros, Honda, XO Infotech, Starion India, Celtech and Maxx mobile.

Previously Manoj was involved in the manufacture of the first mobile phone in India for LG Electronics, he was Director in Starion India until 2010 and Director in Maxx mobile until 2013. Presently he is also Director at Manbras Plastronics Pvt. Ltd. that has business including plastic recycling, providing consultancy to plastic and electronics manufacturing companies.

Manoj has many years’ experience in project management, business development and planning, having setup many companies and manufacturing facilities. His enthusiastic, motivated, and result oriented focus has enable Manoj to develop and maintain a wide network of very good relationships with many company and government professionals.



Position: Sen. R & D Consultant

Qualifications: D Phil (Oxon).

Business Expertise: Applications of lasers and laser spectroscopy.

Email: sheikhrafiahmad@nextek.org

Dr Ahmad’s history as both a Ministry of Defense scientist and a University academic, spans over 4 decades, having founded and led the Centre for Applied Laser Spectroscopy within Cranfield University for 21 years. He studied ‘laser interaction with solid materials’ for his doctorate degree (1972) at the Oxford University and extended his research to include, among many others, Laser Spectroscopy (both atomic and molecular); Laser Interaction with Energetic Materials and; Biomedical and Environmental monitoring applications. His research projects were funded by national and international bodies such as an EECon “Jute” research within the INCO-DC (Int. Cop, with Dev. Countries), the Brite-Euram scheme as the key member on “Optical technique for plastic identification” and as the UK representative in the management committee of the EEC’s COST-G7 Action and the EULASNET (E12566) network.

Dr Ahmad has published 61 reviewed papers on a range of topics in the field, as well as twelve conference papers, has recently co-authored two books on ‘Environmental Monitoring’ and ‘Laser Interaction with Energetic Materials’. He has participated in many international collaborations as a visiting professor and an invited speaker, supervised and acted as external examiner for many PhD students.


Kelvin Davies

Position: Australasian Projects Manager

Qualifications: BSc (App.Chem) Grad.Dip, Manufacturing Mgt.

Business Expertise: Manufacturing, Materials, Project Mgt

Email: kelvindavies@nextek.org

Kelvin is a Chemist with over 20 years’ experience in manufacturing, packaging and food processing sector. He has strong background in converting technologies for polymers and other packaging materials and a thorough understanding of materials used in packaging and new developments. Kelvin joined Nextek in 2009 and is currently the Australasian Projects Manager based in Melbourne Australia he is focused on working with the packaging supply chain to deliver sustainable solutions for polymers and recycling.

Kelvin has previously worked in product development and technical marketing roles with, Nabisco Brands, Southcorp Packaging and most recently as R&D Project Mgr – Food & Beverage with Visy Industries.  Kelvin has a broad range of manufacturing experience including co-extrusion, thermoforming, blow and injection moulding as well as metal can making conversion processes and extends to working with global brand owners and their products and. He holds a degree in Applied Chemistry, and a Graduate Diploma in Manufacturing Management.


Pratap Singh

Position: General Manager

Qualifications: BE (Mechanical)

Business Expertise: Manufacturing, planning and business development.

Email: Pratapsingh@nextek.org

Pratap is a Mechanical Engineer with over 10 years of experience in manufacturing, working with international companies such as Whirlpool, Videocon and Starion India. Where he was heading quality, innovation and R&D department until 2013. Presently he is a General Manager with Manbras Plastronics Pvt. Ltd focusing on into plastic recycling, consultancy business, operations and marketing.

Pratap has experience in manufacturing systems, quality systems and supply chain management in the plastic recycling, extrusion and injection moulding processes. He has successfully delivered a number of industrial projects related to product quality and production improvement.


Jonathan Mitchell

Position: Project Engineer

Qualifications: BEng Loughborough University, Materials Eng; Ph.D Imperial College, Engineering

Business Expertise: Materials Science, Polymer composites and processing, Research management


Jonathan is a Project Engineer with postgraduate qualifications in Polymer Engineering and Polymer composites. He has considerable experience in plastics processing and polymer material science. Jonathan is skilled in material analysis and process improvement and research program management.

Jon has had experience in high volume, high purity plastics processing for a leading manufacturer in the medical field, involving process optimisation and problem solving within a production environment. He is also experienced in project planning and management as well as production for improved material utilisation and productivity. His specialisations also cover biopolymers and composites based on natural fibres.


Dr Martin Kay

Position: Associate

Qualifications: PhD Biodegradation of polymers, BSc(Hons) App Bio, Dip Management

Business Expertise: Biomaterials, Paper processing, Public funding, Project Mgt.


Martin has over 20 years consultancy experience including legislation, technology procurement and R&D in environment, process and product improvement within the paper, packaging and print industries. He designed and delivered a research project to investigate the conversion of papermill residues to methane using anaerobic digestion. Martin led the DARD NI funded ‘Sustainable food packaging programme’ in Northern Ireland to help drive 35 food/packaging companies sustainability projects over a 2 year period. Martin continues his research interests into resource efficiency having initiated CASE funded PhD’s at Aston University (completed 2012) & Imperial College London.

Martin has previously worked as Chief Consultant at SmithersPira delivering a range of projects related to sustainability in the EU as well as US, China, Japan, Israel and Trinidad, including waste reduction, water conservation and energy from paper waste, with major brand owners in the, packaging and retail industries. He has demonstrated success in leading complex R&D and commercial projects with international clients across the supply chain.


Edwin Billiet

Position: Consultant Photonics Engineer

Qualifications: BSc (Eng), HNC (Elec Eng & Computing)

Business Expertise: Electro-Optics, Spectroscopy, Software Development.


Edwin is a photonics specialist with over 50 years’ experience in the fields of Laser applications, spectroscopy and associated computing techniques. He has worked with the Royal Military College of Science, teaching physics, and electro-optics at Cranfield University on topics of Raman spectroscopy, LIDAR, Fluorescence Spectroscopy and LIBS also assistingPhD students in theirresearch.

Edwin has expertise in the use of a range of light sources including Arc lights, LEDs, Lasers and light detection techniques such as photomultipliers, photon-counters and photo-diodes. He has extensive experience in the application of, holography, remote analysis of polymers (Raman), atmospheric gases (LIDAR), fluorescence in dye tagged polymer products, non-invasive analysis of water purity, security tagging and laser-based applications in defence scenarios.This extends to computing software and hardware development of the instrumentation interfaces and controls, post-data logging processing and analysis and maintenance of the work-group computing facilities.