Nextek has been an active consultancy since 2004 with staff in the United Kingdom and Australia providing expertise in the design, optimization, processing and recycling of plastics materials. We deliver small and large-scale projects that “add value” to waste and recycled materials as well as providing detailed feasibility studies for new technologies and marketing / commercial projects. We work with small-medium enterprises as well as multi-national top 500 corporations.  Nextek has focused its extensive polymer expertise on the materials found in plastic packaging due to the largely unmet needs of businesses to develop more sustainable packaging using high grade recycled materials.  We are also active in developing applications and reuse of novel materials such as bioplastics from renewable resources.

With an excellent track record in delivering both research and capital projects and strong links with influential private sector companies in the UK and EU, including established relationships with key representatives of the recycling, packaging and other polymer industries associations. We provide the independent expertise to deliver cost effective, sustainable closed loop recycling programmes and have extensive experience in designing and implementing closed loop programmes for recycled materials in the EU, UK the Middle East and Australia.

Nextek has detailed expertise designing and building plants for recycling of post-consumer plastic wastes into high value applications such as food grade PET bottles and HDPE milk bottles that can be used in new food packaging applications. We have been very innovative in finding sources of recyclable polymers and reprocessing them for use at levels of  30%  up to 100% recycled content. Our key skill is being able to develop the correct reprocessing technology in the supply chain that will provide cost effective higher performing materials for a wide range of value add applications.