Earth Champions Foundation

Edward Kosior is Director of this Charity that seeks people who are everyday environmental champions and which has established a Knowledge Pond of best practices as well as presenting a Local State of the Planet report for cities and regions that have conducted the Earth Champions Quest.


Plastics in the Oceans

Edward Kosior has been very concerned of the impact of plastics that end up in water streams and oceans and is an advisor to the following groups;


Project Kaisei

This organisation seeks to bring together new technologies, innovations, and capabilities that can both help us clean some of the plastic debris from our ocean, as well as prevent it from entering in the first place.


Plastic Oceans

Plastic Oceans aims to significantly reduce plastic pollution in the environment by supporting and funding targeted solutions.


Society of Plastics Engineers Australia and New Zealand

Edward Kosior is a Fellow of the Society of Plastics Engineers and helped establish the SPE_ Australia and New Zealand Section in 1997.

SPE-ANZ is a not-for-profit group that specialises in organising technical and networking events for professionals in the plastics industry helping them to stay in touch with local industry while learning about new technologies and developments in polymer plastics research. It also and supports the education and career development of students.