Nextek Creating Sustainable Solutions in Polymers & Recycling

Nextek is an independent consultancy who provide solutions to the challenges of the plastic recycling and resource management throughout the supply chain for all applications. We deliver tailored sustainable solutions for business.

  • Polymer Recycling Technology

    Nextek designs, trials new facilities and conducts process evaluations to optimise performance in existing plants for our clients working directly with leading equipment suppliers in the waste and recycling industry. Specialisation in food grade HDPE, PP and PET as well as Automotive and WEEE plastics.

  • Sustainable Biopolymers

    Nextek provides design and material selection options, development of new materials to industry standards to provide industry and consumers with more sustainable end of life options with renewable, compostable and biodegradable materials.

  • Strategy & Business Development

    By providing expertise, understanding and solutions for complex waste challenges Nextek works closely with clients to design products for sustainability, recyclability and improved resource efficiency to deliver effective business strategies.